Crim City Soda, the Soda Game
Has Officially Changed.

Crim City Soda's Kingpin Kola flavor as a 3d bottle

Kingpin Kola

More Kingpin
Crim City Soda's Renegade Root Beer flavor as a 3d bottle

Renegade Root Beer

More Renegade
Crim City Soda's Pepper's Brew flavor as a 3d bottle

Pepper's Brew

More Pepper
Crim City Soda's Brawler's Bubblegum flavor as a 3d bottle

Brawler's Bubblegum

More Brawler

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The Crim City Story

Things sure have changed since soda was invented back in the 18th century, but somewhere along the way, things got boring… real boring.

From corporate soda companies rolling out predictable products with low quality ingredients, to the other soda companies using overplayed themes like "Granddad's Classic Recipe" or "1800's Brewmaster".

No more… introducing Crim City Soda. We've combined authentic premium craft soda with pop culture. Call it modern nostalgia if you will. From our eye catching, original hand illustrated labels (each label illustration took over 20 hours by proven video game illustrator David Kuo!), to our distinct yellow bottle caps, Crim City Soda prides itself in being a truly Independent premium craft soda. Crim City Soda is a clean soda brewed with all natural flavors, cane sugar and uses NO preservatives!

Crim City Soda has four great tasting flavors: Kingpin Kola, Renegade Root Beer, Pepper's Brew, and Brawler's Bubblegum and is available in 12-packs. We're confident you'll agree that Crim City Soda is truly the most unique Premium Craft Soda available anywhere… enjoy an ice cold one today!

Crim City Soda is a 100% premium craft soda with all natural ingredients
Crim City Soda is made with real cane sugar!